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King Street, Inverness

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St. Joseph’s Primary School is situated in King Street, Inverness. The main building was built in 1942 and an infant extension, kitchen and dining hall were added in 1976.

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In 1992 the school underwent a complete refurbishment and since then regular maintenance has kept the school in good order.   In 1998 we added a Nursery class to the school.


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The average roll of the school is 200 with seven , single stream classes and the Nursery. There are 12 teaching staff, three visiting specialist teachers and two full time support auxiliaries.

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Class sizes are kept as small as possible and in the current session the average class size is 25. Learning support in the school is organised so that, for most of each morning,  two members of staff are teaching in the infant classes . In   Primary 1 ,2 and 3 this brings the staff to pupil ratio to about 1: 12.

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The school prides itself in its high academic standards. We aim to provide a challenging curriculum ,firmly rooted in the basics. At every stage pupils are encouraged to strive for excellence.

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The school serves the Catholic population of Inverness and beyond. A transport system, paid for and supported by all our parents exists to ensure that a bus service is available to most parts of the area.

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We aim to promote spiritual and religious formation. However about 15% of our pupils are not Catholic and join us for the academic and Christian aspects of our school.

The school is committed to building real partnerships with parents. Parents are encouraged to visit the school whenever necessary.

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The Head Teacher runs an open hour system, every day, between 8.30 and 9.30 when parents can phone in or come in to the office to discuss any issue, no matter how small.


Catholic Education

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Today we live in a largely secular society where the traditional values of honesty, hard work, respect and decency are too often missing. In St Joseph’s we aim through our Religious Education programme and through all that we do   to ensure that all of our pupils understand how to behave, how to make the most of their abilities and strengths and to understand the gifts of prayer and faith. As a result we pride ourselves on providing a small school family atmosphere in a large town centre school and we are proud of the high standards of academic success and good discipline we  achieve.

St Joseph’s R.C. Primary School Aims

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• To provide a safe, happy and secure environment for pupils and staff

• To promote an ethos of achievement and ensure the highest possible standards of attainment

• To achieve the highest possible standards of behaviour

• To provide a broad balanced curriculum, in line with Authority and 5 14 National Guidelines

• To build positive partnerships between home, school  and the wider community

• To support all staff and provide opportunities for  professional development

• To promote the teachings of the Catholic Church

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