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Scalan News: Index of Titles

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This index of titles is designed for the Scalan Trail website www.scalan.co.uk as an alternative to transferring all that has been published since the first issue of December 1990. Scalan News has appeared twice a year since then. It is now posted to some 650 addresses in Britain and overseas - homes to 5 a year Scalan Association members - in May and November.

ScN started small (‘short enough to read over breakfast . . . good enough to read at leisure’) but within five years it had threatened to get out of hand at 25 pages. The magazine now has 21 pages of text, many illustrated by Ann Dean (along with ‘borrowed’ items), and runs to about 9,000 words per issue.

For a while the editor Alasdair Roberts was also editing The Innes Review, the long-established and heavily academic journal of the Scottish Catholic Historical Association. Some ScN articles have aspired to be ‘scholarship without notes’ - new historical ground has been broken - but the magazine is aimed at a general readership.

Light-hearted contributions have been mainly about Highland Banffshire. These were gathered into book form by the editor as Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet (main author Isobel Grant). Published by Birlinn Ltd., 10 Newington Road, EDINBURGH EH9 1QS in 1999, the book was reissued in 2002 at 6.99. Much of its charm comes from the artist whose drawings also brighten the pages of ScN. A first account of the area’s Gaelic place-names features in a scholarly chapter by the late Stuart Mitchell, who also provided area maps.

There has been pressure to keep costs down while fund-raising to restore the Old College of Scalan in Glenlivet. ScN is therefore produced very cheaply, and formatting of pages includes the use of scissors and paste. The editor has learned something of the printer’s trade on an ink-heavy machine in Morar Station House, and he joins in packaging and posting sessions with local children who are – literally - paid in Smarties.

By no means all members of the Scalan Association are Catholics. Those who belong to other religious traditions or none have proved willing to accept the ‘triumphalist’ overtones of John Geddes’s words (dropped then restored) on the cover. They are taken from a lecture on Scalan to staff and students of the Scots College in Spain. Later Bishop Geddes was recognised by Edinburgh’s leading citizens as a witness for religious toleration.

Much of the ‘follow-up’ feel to ScN comes from readers’ letters and e-mails which cover several pages, but indexing these would have been a step too far. Authors and dates have been omitted for the sake of brevity, with issue numbers the only guide as to when an item appeared. Focused enquiries to alasdair_bracara@hotmail.com will still be answered although the First Series of Scalan News ends now with 232 titles from 30 issues.

Alasdair Roberts, May 2005.

Abb Paul MacPherson – Glenlivet clergyman who twice rescued Scots College Rome. 5.

Abbot Mark Dilworth RIP – 2004 obituary of last Abbot of Fort Augustus, with acknowledgement to Scalan News for Innes Review article. 28.

Aberdeen’s Hidden Gem – Bishop Peter Moran’s introduction to Canon Sandy MacWilliam’s updated history of St Peter’s in Castlegate. 29.

Achievement of Scalan, The – closing passage of John Watts’ 1999 Scalan: the Forbidden College, 1716-1799. 20.

Alexander Geddes – illustration plus 1984 article linked to 2002 Aberdeen University conference on poet-priest and biblical scholar. 25.

And Most of All – Yourselves! – composition of 630-long address list in terms of geography, gender, etc. 30.

Also on Eskadale – follow-up to ‘St Mary’s Eskadale’, comparing Lovat family worship in Beauly and Morar. 24.

Ann Lamb (1902-2001) – grand old lady of Glenlivet whose chapter for Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet came from Stonehaven nursing-home. 22.

Aquahorthies 200 Years On – Normile and Anne Baxter gave lunch to many two centuries after their home took over from Scalan. 19.

Archbishop of Glasgow – from The Herald on Bishop Conti’s elevation, Veronica Gordon Smith post-‘Mantle of Scalan’. 24.

Architectural Award – 1995 ceremony in Edinburgh’s Assembly Hall, plaque awarded by Association for Preservation of Rural Scotland. 12.

Architectural Support – Prof. Charles McKean of Dundee University on Scalan and Fochabers. 9.

Ardearg in the Braes of Mar – neglected chapel site in the Aberdeenshire Highlands. 29.

Arnage and Douai – Cheyne family of Arnage, near Ellon (Aberdeenshire), and Scots College Douai. 5.

At Pluscarden – editor on monks as ‘good listeners’ and briefly sharing their life. 21.

Battle of Glenlivet, 1594, The – Argyll’s army defeated by Catholic Gordons, Hays, etc. 8.

Biking to the Braes – three-day bicycle pilgrimage, Ballymena to Braes of Glenlivet and back. 29.

Bill Grant – obituary by Gordon McGillivray, Achnascraw, of Scalan committee member. 23.

Bishop Hay and the Leslies of Fetternear – Hay’s links with Leslie family and move from Scalan to Aquhorthies. 16.

Bishop Hay at Aquhorthies – extracts from Rev. J. F. S. Gordon’s 1874 Catholic Church in Scotland. 19.

Bishop Hay at Aquhorthies – his death there in 1811 and burial on estate of Fetternear. 20.

Bishop Looks at His Diocese, The – extracts from (Arch)Bishop Conti’s 2003 diary-book, linked to Bishop Kyle. 26.

Bishop Peter Moran – Scalan News contributor new Bishop of Aberdeen, linked to Margaret Shaw of St Peters and the Blairs estate. 27.

Bishop’s Mass at King’s – Bishop Conti at quincentennial Mass in King’s College Chapel, Aberdeen. 11.

Bishop’s Palace, Fetternear, The – obituary of Nicholas Bogdan and importance of site. 25.

Blairs: A Journey of Faith – Bill Harris’s 2002 booklet with Dickens as banned author of his day. 25.

Blairs College – extracts from Peter Gorman’s 2000 booklet, from sledging to nicknames. 26.

Blairs Museum, The – ceremony reopening Blairs College museum in improved setting. 20.

Blairs Pyke, The – Canon Peter Moran’s Blairs lore and nickname of college tailor. 23.

Blairs Reunion – former pupils meet and reminisce, from Hugh Farmer’s 2001 article in The Universe. 22.

Book-Hunting: a Postscript – follow-up to Fr Anthony Ross ‘Lost Library’ at Chapeltown. 8.

Box-beds at Scalan – argument against seminary being restored as 19th century farhhouse. 18.

Braes Bits and Pieces – latest memoir from Isobel Grant post-publication Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 23.

Braes Chapel, 1897-1997, The – centennial account of foundation of church at Chapeltown of Glenlivet. 13.

Braes Hall Birthday Party – Isobel Grant of Crombie Cottage, Bochel Farm and London at 80. 11.

Builder’s Report – Mike Taitt rescuing walls and opening up hidden half-storey. 6.

Buiternach Cemetery – Tom Stuart, nine decades in Glenlivet’s Old Post Office, and his part in restoring ‘Buidernach’. 16.

Buiternach, The – restored graveyard earlier than Chapeltown in Braes of Glenlivet. 9.

By Their Jerseys. . . – knitted fishermen’s patterns linked to religious messages under persecution. 10.

Cardinal Winning at Scalan – youthful visit with fellow-student (Rome) John Copland. 9.

Cardinal Winning at Scalan! – his intention to attend 1995 Scalan Mass, plus Copland memories of Winning pre’s ‘Scalan knee’. 10.

Cardinal Winning at Scalan – Coatbridge pilgrims ‘faces set like flint’ at Scalan Mass. 11.

Catholic Church in Scotland: 1560-1829, The – clergy-focused overview by Scalan Association Secretary. 12.

Catholics of the Enzie: a Neighbour’s View – Episcopalian clergyman’s friendly report on Preshome congregation. 16.

Ceremony at Aquahorthies – plaque unveiled by Bishop Conti at Scalan’s successor college. 7.

Chapeltown Centenary - event at Braes church which has served as wet weather alternative for Scalan Mass. 15.

Charlie McGregor RIP – Banchory-born Jesuit eulogising priest of this Deeside parish. 17.

Childbirth in the Braes – Ann Lamb of Larryvarry’s midwife mother which became part of Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 12.

Childhood in the Braes – second Isobel Grant memoir which became part of Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 9.

Chisholm Trail, The – three-part walker’s guide from Fochabers via Scalan to the isle of Lismore. 2, 3, 4. T-shirt, 7.

Church History Weekend – editor’s support of Abbot Mark Dilworth in autumn event prior to closure of Fort Augustus Abbey in 1998. 15.

Church Life – fourth Isobel Grant memoir which became part of Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 14.

Collge des Ecossois, Paris – Quatercentenary Mass at Scots College Paris, 24 April 2003. 26.

Come Back to Blairs! – volunteer’s account of bright new museum at former Blairs College. 28.

Country Mass Stations, and Some Priest’s Called Shaw – editor’s sign-off (heritage beyond Scalan) on pre-Dufftown Shenval etc. 30.

Crofts of Scalan – Ann Dean’s Larryvarry etc. which became part of Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 6.

Crombie Television – sole resident Sandy Matheson’s water-powered set at Scalan. 9.

Curator’s View, A – RCAHMS Ian Gow’s enthusiasm for Scalan wallpaper in particular. 7.

Death of a Piper – Canon MacQueen explaining how he ‘half-buried’ Compton Mackenzie due to graveside death of piper Calum Johnston. 28.

Departures – crippled John Geddes leaving Scalan in 1793 linked to students leaving Aquhorthies for Blairs in 1829. 22.

Doors Open Day, Moray 2002 – featuring Tynet, Preshome and Buckie ‘Cathedral’. 25.

Duchess of Gordon, The – 1729 clergy letter on Duke’s widow bringing up sons as Protestants. 22.

Duchess’s Pension, The – first Keeper of Scottish Catholic Archives on why ducal family’s Catholicism lapsed. 15.

Early Days in the Scalan Association – Revs. Bonnyman, MacWilliam and McRoberts in 1946. 17.

Early Days in the Scalan Association (continued) – hopes of founding fathers for wide-reaching heritage-focused Scalan Association. 30.

Eilean Bn, Lord Lovat and Prince Charlie – follow-up to ‘Lord Lovat at Eilean Bn’ for primary school packagers. 24.

Elusive JK, The – Ann Dean investigating paintings of Scalan, Aquhorthies and Blairs. 24.

End of an Era, The – editor-producer over fifteen years explains efforts to encourage others to follow on. 30.

English Convent, Bruges, The – ‘Fr Andrew Oliver’ and Scots Sister from Rothiemay, linked to Anson’s Caravan Pilgrim. 15.

Escape from Douai – students led by Rev. Charles Farquharson fleeing France in 1792. 4.

Event at Eilean Bn – Mass on Loch Morar seminary island to mark 250 years since building burned after Culloden. 14.

Family History – McHardy and Stuart connections with Scalan and Braes of Glenlivet. 6.

Father Charles Farquharson: A Legend of the Braes o’ Mar – Jesuit extract from republished Legends of the Braes o. Mar. 29.

Fetternear Connections – extract from Ann Dean pamphlet on Leslie owners of Bishop Hay’s burial place. 30.

Fr Andrew Oliver (1740-1812) – ex-Scalan convert who rescued Augustinian nuns from French Terrorists. 9.

Folklore from the Archive – Hamish Henderson, School of Scottish Studies, and 1954 tape-recording in Glenlivet. 10.

Founders’ Farewell – letter from Mgr David McRoberts to his co-founder of the Scalan Association Canon Sandy MacWilliam. 30.

Fr Donald Grant RIP – Glenlivet-descended Carmelite who died young after contributing ‘Two Priests from the Braes’. 15.

From Queen’s Cross to Scalan – 2001 visit by St Joseph’s School, Aberdeen, whose packaging and posting taken over by Morar children. 23.

From Scalan to Caldey Island – McHardy family’s move to SW England where Anglican Benedictines went over to Rome. 20.

From Thatch to Slated Chapels – clergy letters on organising chapel/church roofs at Glengairn and Tombae. 30.

From the Braes to the Braes – Jimmy Cameron Stuart linking Falkirk with his Glenlivet forebears. 13.

George Goldie, Architect – convert’s grandson designing 15 Victorian chapels and St Margaret’s Convent, Edinburgh. 8.

George Hay’s Conversion – from convert George Scott-Moncrieff’s 1960 The Mirror and the Cross with possible Glenlivet connection. 24.

Glenlivet Recollections – Georgina McAllister (Grant) correcting tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 22.

Golden Jubilee – Mgr John Copland, Scalan President, priest 1946-96 after Tombae School. 12.

Graveyard Ramblings – follow-up to ‘James Gordon’s Mother’ through Conrack, Dounan, Buiternach, Letterfourie. 12.

Great Priest, A – 1946 Banffshire Journal report of Chapeltown Hew Lorimer memorial for centenary of Abb MacPherson’s death. 19.

Harling and Auchenhalrig – proposed link between Speymouth priest’s house and vernacular Scots building technique. 16.

Hidden in the Heather – from Mary McCune’s 1999 Scalan article in The Scottish Catholic Observer. 19.

Hole of the Snorers, The – Rev. Alexander Geddes’s ‘Book of Zaknim’ linked to upstairs room. 7.

Holy Family at Scalan – Aberdeen primary school which later packaged and posted Scalan News. 6.

Holy Woman of Inch, The – restored chapel and graveyard of Cille Choirill in Lochaber. 19.

Homily at Scalan – 2000 address at Scalan Mass by Mgr John McIntyre, former Rector of Blairs and Scots College Rome. 21.

Hugh MacDonald: Highlander, Jacobite and Bishop – publicity for John Watts 2002 book. 24.

Ian G. Lindsay, RSA – architect of Uphall, West Lothian, whose 1951 advice led to rescue of Scalan. 18.

Ian G. Lindsay – more on architect-saviour of Scalan and his 1926 The Cathedrals of Scotland. 19.

Ian Gordon Lindsay, OBE, 1906-1966: Architect – tribute by Elizabeth Beaton, architectural historian. 20.

In the Steps of the Drovers – from Leopard (Aberdeen) article on 2001 horseback expedition over Corrieyairack Pass. 23.

Index in Edinburgh – J. F. S. Gordon’s Catholic Church in Scotland (1874) indexed for Scottish Catholic Archives by Ann Dean. 18.

Indiana Jones in Morar – Hugh Farmer’s boat trip with Fr Michael Hutson to Donald MacDonald at Tarbert, Loch Nevis. 23.

Innes Review, The – publicity for journal of Scottish Catholic Historical Association. 4.

Internal Refurbishment at Scalan – 1998 Report by Castlegate Design Group, Aberdeen. 17.

Inverurie Catholic Church: 150th Anniversary – clergy letters prior to 1852 opening of church linked to Leslies of Fetternear. 25.

Irish Priests in Glenlivet – Sacred Heart Sister’s account of 17th and 18th century missionaries. 11.

James Gordon’s Mother – from ‘Tombae and Scalan’ to Dounan cemetery, Glenlivet. 11.

James Joseph Moran – publisher and parish Catholic of Cathedral in Aberdeen. 16.

John Geddes: Co-adjutor to Bishop Hay – President Mgr Copland (born Tombae) on Scalan-connected bishops. 9.

John Kinross RSA and the Braes Church, Chapeltown – Pugin parallels by architectural historian Deborah Mays. 14.

John Milne of Livat’s Glen – Demick-based balladeer during time of Glenlivet whisky smugglers. 12.

John Russell (1820-93): Church Painter – artist and decorator at Inverness, Buckie, Blairs and Aberdeen Cathedral. 25.

John Watts – Scalan Man – 1996 school-focused The Story of Scalan for Young People and novel A Cairn of Small Stones. 12.

Keenan Family, The – more on children of James Keenan who painted Scalan, signing himself JK. 27.

Kilmonivaig – the Braes of Lochaber – account of an area which became very Catholic in early 18th century. 27.

Life at Larryvarry – Ann Lamb’s account which became part of Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 13.

Leslie Converts and Religious – Sacred Heart, Ursuline and Jesuit grand-children of a Presbyterian minister. 29.

Letter from the Lettoch – 1753 focus on military searches by Scalan master being sheltered in neighbouring farm. 28.

Lines Autobiographical – verses from published poem of Jock Sharp of Larryvarry in the Braes of Glenlivet. 30.

Lord Lovat at Eilean Bn – post-Culloden story for primary school packagers and posters of Lady Lovat School, Morar. 22.

Los Gordon en Espaa – report from 2004 Madrid congresa by co-author of book on Spanish Gordons of Wardhouse. 29.

Lost in the Mist – editor’s failed crossing to Scalan from Well of the Lecht, with ‘Piping Postcript’ in second issue. 1.

Lost Library, The – Rev. Anthony Ross OP and residue of Scalan books in attic at Chapeltown Glenlivet. 7.

Lost Preshome Library, A – book-burning near Buckie in aftermath of 1745 Jacobite Rising. 11.

Mantle of Scalan, The – response of Glenlivet Catholic to James MacMillan’s charge of anti-Catholic prejudice. 20.

Mass at Inverbeg – 1999 Morar pilgrimage to ruined chapel-house which gave way to Bracara in 1836. 19.

Mass at Loch Morar – Fr Michael Hutson leading 2001 pilgrimage to seminary island before leaving for Notre Dame University. 22.

Maurice Caillet – Frenchman’s perspective on reverse religious persecution in two countries. 6.

Memories, Mainly Food – post-publication memoirs by Isobel Grant, main author of Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 22.

Mgr Charles MacDonald – St Thomas’s Keith and Glenlivet-born priest who erected copper dome. 18.

Mgr John Copland RIP – 2001 obituary of Scalan Association President with funeral report by Secretary-Treasurer Jane McEwan. 24.

Michies of Badenyon, The – Glenbuchat family linked to Scalan through James Michie, student, teacher, farmer and whisky smuggler. 26.

Mill of Smithston – Fr Andrew Oliver’s mission station at Rhynie in Aberdeenshire. 10.

Miss Cameron Identified – from ‘Tombae and Scalan’, Bishop Alexander Cameron’s niece living in former chapel. 11.

Money Matters – Rev. Alexander Farquharson’s poor management of Scalan finances in 1780s. 5.

Money Matters – Bishop Hay’s husbanding of clergy grants from several sources. 17.

Moray Church Trail – Pluscarden Prior’s involvement in heritage trail round Christian sites. 22.

More About Mathesons – last Scalan resident’s family links with Aberdeen-shire turned Dundee quarryman. 29.

More on Alltachoileachain – visit to forestry-cleared site, Battle of Glenlivet 1594. 9.

More on Chapeltown – Abb Paul MacPherson’s 1827 foundation in Braes of Glenlivet. 8.

More Tales of the Braes – memoirs from Isobel Grant after publication of Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 21.

Mortlach, Robieston and Scalan – Rev. William Guthrie linking seminary with two Aberdeenshire chapels. 15.

New Heritage Website – Scottish Catholic Archives online in relation to Scalan Trail website. 27.

New Tacks – extract from John Watts’ 1999 Scalan: the Forbidden College, 1716-1799. 19.

Of Moles and Men – ex-schoolmaster James Michie and family at Scalan, with links to molecatchers. 13.

‘Oh, good Reverend Father, forgive me my past’ – comic poem about bachelors and marriage passed on by Bill Grant of Glenlivet. 10.

Old College of Scalan, Glenlivet, The – poem by John Sharp of Larryvarry published by ‘James Joseph Moran’ of Aberdeen. 18.

Old Days in the Braes – first Isobel Grant memoir which led to Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 8.

Old Smuggler, The – daring escape from dragoons by a MacGregor who lived at Scalan and distilled illicit whisky. 27.

Old Time Religion – from Peter Anson’s 1946 A Roving Recluse on culture of Catholicism in North-east Scotland. 24.

Old Tongue in Tomintoul, The – wedding guest Jimmie Cameron Stuart on decline of Banffshire Gaelic. 11.

On the Day that I was Born – father of Dr Norman Imlah (b. 1924) working with pedigree cattle of Minmore, Glenlivet. 21.

Opening of Church at Chapeltown, Braes of Glenlivet – Banffshire Journal 11 September 1897. 14.

Ottawa to the Braes: On the Ancestral Trail – family history linked with meeting Isobel Grant. 29.

Packy Sim and his Goat – following up ‘On the Day that I was Born’ with tinker’s visits to Glenlivet. 22.

People of the Braes – fifth memoir by Isobel Grant for what became Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 16.

Peter Anson – Moray College community newspaper emphasising drawings of fishing boats and villages. 20.

Peter’s Friends – Neil Gunn, Reginald Fairlie, Ian G. Gibson, etc., from Anson’s A Roving Recluse (1946). 21.

Pilgrimage to the Green Isle – Lochaber group’s Loch Shiel boat trip from Glenfinnan to St Finnan’s Isle. 21.

Pilgrimage to Hungary – thought-provoking journey to shrine of St Margaret with Inverurie’s Hungarian priest. 30.

Poisoned Priests, The – 1856 tragedy of priests at Dingwall dinner served wolf’s-bane for horse radish. 24.

Poisoned Priests – Dingwall 1856, The – third victim not a clergyman as previously stated but fianc to Lord Lovat’s daughter. 26.

Presbyterian Bishop – Rev. Dr William Young in charge of combined Protestant churches in Lahore, Pakistan. 12.

Preshome Book, The – Rev. John Reid’s 1803 account of Britain’s largest non-embassy Catholic chapel. 18.

Priest in Danger, A – extract from 2003 book by Canon Brian Halloran (Scalan Association President) Scottish Secular Priests: 1580-1653. 27.

Priest Gordon of Aberdeen – bicentenary extracts from Canon Sandy Mac-William’s account of the priest who built St Peter’s, Aberdeen. 28.

Priests in the Heather – follow-up 2001 Tablet letter to ‘Secret Priests in the Heather’: Highland students from Samalaman to Spain via Ireland? 23.

Progress Report – Aberdeen architect Marion Donald of Castlegate Design Group. 7.

Qualified Episcopal Chapel – from Northern Scotland (2000) on Gordons etc. at St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Aberdeen. 21.

Recht eye for makin’ drains’, ‘A – Glengairn schoolmaster celebrated by Lady Lovat and Abbot Dilworth. 14.

Red Light at the Kirkie – Isobel Grant on temporary traffic light and accidents near former church. 11.

Restoration of Scalan, The – 2001 progress report from Secretary-Treasurer Jane McEwan. 23.

Rev. Charles Fraser and his Forebears, The – Strichen family with parson and priest (Gallus Robertson OSB) at table. 26.

Rev. Charles Fraser in Ireland and Aberdeen – follow-up, showing north-east Scots toleration out of favour in Emancipation Ireland. 28.

Rev. William Leslie of Darkland – Presbyterian enthusiast for Pluscarden in 1798 Survey of the Province of Moray. 22.

Road to Scalan, The – from Fr Eddie McGhee’s 1999 column in The Scottish Catholic Observer. 19.

Rob Roy – blockbuster film’s silence on Catholicism of Rob Roy and other McGregors. 10.

Robbie Lamb and the Jacobites of Glenlivet – Fuarandearg farmer and list of those ‘out’ in 1745. 17.

Scalan Altarpiece and its Donor – ‘Ecce Homo’ by Sir George Chalmers and family connection with Bar Convent School, York. 17.

Scalan Homily, 1997 – first published text of address (Rev. Michael Briody, Secretary) at Scalan Mass. 16.

Scalan Homily, The – Scottish Catholic Herald’s Fr Eddie McGhee at 2001 Scalan Mass. 23.

Scalan in 1798 – from The Province of Moray when seminary about to be ‘established on a more respectable foundation’ at Aquhorthies. 21.

Scalan in the 18th Century – mapmaker and place-names expert (Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet) Stuart Mitchell on estate documents. 13.

Scalan in the 18th Century: a Postscript – The ’Fortyfive – lists of rebels, missing names. 14.

Scalan Internal Refurbishment – Marion Donald of Castlegate Design Group, Aberdeen, on projected progress from 1999. 18.

Scalan Mass Homily – Fr Brian Halloran of St Andrews in 1999, successor to Mgr Copland as President in 2002. 19.

Scalan Mass, The – first Sunday of July at 4 p.m. reported every second issue starting 3.

Scalan Reconstructed – version of Innes Review article on history learned from building work. 8.

Scalan Renovation 2004, The – Mike Morrison explaining how to view interior as renovation project nears completion. 28.

Scalan Summer School – from church music to screen-painting at Tombae and St Michael’s Centre, Tomintoul. 15.

Scalan Trail, The – Mike Morrison’s report on Scalan Trail website after two years. 25.

Scalan Walk Open – Alan Paterson’s drawing to publicise Priscilla Gordon-Duff’s Water of Life - and a Breath of Fresh Air. 11.

Scalan Walk, The – Priscilla Gordon-Duff’s illustrated booklet with memories from local people. 10.

Scalan, August 1965 – car of distinguished clergy visitors rescued by Sandy Matheson’s tractor. 10.

Scalan: the Next Stage – Ann Dean’s proposal for sensitive low key interior restoration. 10.

Scalan’s Keys – poem by Mike Morrison, webmaster of The Scalan Trail and custodian of future heritage productions. 30.

Secret Priests in the Heather – Ann Wroe’s article reproduced from The Tablet July 2001. 23.

Seminary on Eilean Bn – from John Watts’ 2002 Hugh MacDonald: Highlander, Jacobite, Bishop. 25.

Settlement of the Braes – estate maps and papers from Stuart Mitchell in final contribution. 18.

Spaniards at Wallakirk – Mike Morrison (co-researcher with Ann Dean) interviewed on joint 2001 booklet. 24.

Spanish Connection, The: Putting Scalan on the Net – Gordons of Wardhouse and Jerez linked to proposed ‘Scalan Trail’ website. 19.

Spanish Gordons and Huntly, The – publicising booklet by Ann Dean and Mike Morrison. 23.

St Joseph’s at Scalan – Aberdeen primary school which later packaged and posted Scalan News. 5.

St Mary’s Eskadale – Marydale/Eskadale (both Strathglass) confusion corrected and latter evoked by Elizabeth Beaton. 24.

St Mary’s Well, Orton – pilgrimage healing well on left bank of Spey linked to similar devotions. 19.

St Michael Centre – youth and other groups in ex-Tomintoul convent run by Rev. Colin Stewart. 1.

Stained Glass on Canna – ex-Pluscarden craftsman Martin Farrelly at St Edward’s church, now study centre. 20.

Stranger on the Hill – non-speaking guide on walk to Scalan from Well of the Lecht. 29.

Strichen Postscript – follow-on to ‘Rev. Charles Fraser’, Bishop Geddes walking with umbrella. 27.

Stuart Mitchell, 1936-2001 – Turriff agnostic who contributed to Scalan News and Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 23.

Tale of Two Scalans, A – ceremonies at Mass Rock Glendun, County Antrim, likened to Scalan Mass. 11.

Talking ‘Scalan News’ – taped version offered in apology for small type, no demand. 6.

Tarbert, Loch Nevis – chapel history and herring fishing before 1901 Mallaig railway terminus. 24.

‘The Shop’ in 1726 – Bishop Gordon’s coded description of military threat to first Scalan seminary. 17.

‘This Monkish Hovel’ – dismissive 1804 comment by anonymous writer in The Edinburgh Review. 10.

Thomas Brockie – Ratisbon-educated Benedictine at Shenval (‘Siberia of Scotland’) with exiled Bishop Hugh MacDonald as house guest. 25.

Three Bishops from the Braes of Enzie – related 19th century Bishops Scott, Murdoch and Gray of Glasgow from adjoining farms near Fochabers. 28.

Time and Tidelessness – poem from Martin Marroni’s ‘Seminaries’. 5.

Tombae and Scalan: Status Animarum – ‘state of souls’ census of Glenlivet Catholics, 1812, with comments on later years. 10.

Tomnavoulin, Glenlivet – harmony in hamlet of two faiths and schools, with Protestant’s poem in praise of Scalan. 25.

Torgyle in Glenmoriston – chapel history with Catholic version of ‘Footsteps of Glenmoriston’. 23.

Two More Tales - sixth memoir by Isobel Grant for what became Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 20.

Two Priests from the Braes – Canon John Stuart from Mill of Achnascraw and Fr William Grant from Ladderfoot. 14.

Two Proposals – John Watts on recruitment of youth members and West Highland ‘Rough Bounds’ dimension. 7.

Two Schools at Scalan – St Peter’s and St Joseph’s, Aberdeen, both ex-packagers and posters. 8.

Visiting Scalan in 1958 – Fr John McCabe’s welcome to coal-bearing relatives and two Scalan-seeking students. 30.

Visitors’ Book, The – people who visit Scalan, where they come from, and why. 9.

Wallakirk and the Gordons of Wardhouse and Spain – Huntly 2000 heritage event with Spanish Gordons at St Margaret’s and Beldorney Castle. 21.

Wartime in the Braes - third Isobel Grant item which led to Tales of the Braes of Glenlivet. 10.

West Highland Priests – publicising 2000 booklet West Highland Priests of the Scots College Rome by Alasdair Roberts. 21.

West Scalan News – pilgrimage to Romasaig, Loch Morar, changed to Isle of Canna. 17.

‘Whisky Roads’ Project – Crown Estate, Glenlivet, announcing expansion of guided walks programme past Scalan. 20.

White Island, The – Eilean Bn seminary, Loch Morar, from John Watts’ novel A Cairn of Small Stones. 13.

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