Braes Heritage Agricultural Museum

This is an online museum of tools that range from the 18th century hand tools to the most modern machines used at Scalan, the Braes and in the Glenlivet area for many years. 

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The processes in Agriculture do not change over the centuries but the technology did with benefit to the many people who lived there over the period.

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Some years ago the Adamston Museum near Huntly had many such tools ranging from the 16th century that I have included in photographic form; the museum closed many years ago and the tools were taken to Edinburgh. 

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The cost of running a museum makes this online option more cost effective and I invite anyone with ideas on the use of the tools or memories to post on the Scalan Forum for us to share information before it is lost.

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Any memories ?

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Wooden Tools

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A " neep hasher ! "

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Plough and Drill Plough

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Various ?

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Sandy's Home Made Sledge



Adamston Exhibits

with permission from Huw McColl Smith

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Assorted Tools

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The Fiddle ( for sowing seed )

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Mechanical Tools

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Wooden pendulum on a Clock and Flail

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Cooper,s Tools

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Dairy Tools

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A Tumbling Tam and Wooden Tools

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Horse Brasses

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Chair and Jars

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Corn Dollies

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Blacksmith,s Tools

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Sellar Ploughs and Equipment ( Huntly )