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Scalan Renovation

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The project to repair the Scalan Seminary is a very large undertaking and the photographs below show the work so far.  The most recent photographs are from May 2008 which shows the excellent quality of the work.


Recent Photographs.

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A Comparison from April 2005

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I  feel that we should have some kind of notice encouraging visitors to enter at the front door to appreciate the fine restoration work done on the building.

I have included photographs from May 2002 to allow a comparison.

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Funds in August 2003


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Bishop Hay

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The Chapel


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A Restored Fireplace



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A Recent Visitor from Sevenoaks




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Study and Dining Room

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Main Room



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Bishop Geddes' Room


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The people who are restoring Scalan.

Changes by May 2002

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The Entrance

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Upstairs Bedroom

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Bishop Hay's Room

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Wallpaper detail

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Back of Building