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St. Anthony's was the recipient of two National Design Awards in 1988.

  1. RIBA Scottish Award
  2. Civic Trust Award

The brief asked for a church to seat 150 people, with an entrance lobby, confessional and toilets. The chosen site was that of the former Episcopal School, located off 'The Roods' in Kirriemuir.
Our intention from the outset was to design a church which would not only blend into the existing townscape, but also be prominent in its form. A visible, physical sign that the church is an integral part of the local community.
In this church we decided upon a square overall plan, encompassing a semi-circular Liturgical layout, the Sanctuary and Altar forming the centre of this circle. The entire complex with the exception of the Confessional and Plant Room, is contained under one large hipped or 'piend' roof. Two large laminated timber beams support the roof along the hip; slopping upwards they give direction spatially to form an attraction on the liturgical centre, the Sanctuary and Altar.

The finishes which were used externally are all 'natural'. The walls are constructed of the sandstone salvaged from the demolitions, built in random rubble. Glass and periphery laminated frames are used as a clerestory to 'float' the side walls and roof above the robust stone base. The roof and triangular side walls are finished in second hand Scottish slates, again primarily re-used from the downtakings, graded traditionally up the roof from large to small. All external timbers are stained in either dark brown or green wood preservatives.
The work was carried out under a Several Works Contract, for a total cost of around 150,000.