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        Colleges and Seminaries of the Catholic Church in Scotland

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        The Scottish Catholic Church has maintained Colleges in Scotland and
        Europe since the 16th century. Information will soon be available about
        the following colleges:

          Loch Morar (1714-1715)
          Scalan Seminary (1732-1799)
          The Highland Seminary (1732-1803)
          Aquhorties Seminary (1799-1829)
          Blairs College (1829-1986)
          St Peter's College (1872-1985)
          St Vincent's College, Langbank (1961-1968)
          St Andrews College, Drygrange and Gillis College (1953-199?)

          Paris (1603-1792)
          Douai (1580-1792)
          Rome (1600-present)
          Spain (1627-present)
          Rockwell College, County Tipperary (1869-1880)
        Scots students were also educated at the Propaganda Fide in Rome.

        Scottish Catholic Archives, 2003