Mass Times in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland 2010

Updated June 2010

 This leaflet is offered to help you find the churches and Mass centres in the Highlands, Islands and other tourist areas of Scotland; a warm welcome awaits you. Can I suggest however that you check with the Priest if you are travelling a long way to Mass in the more remote areas please

Some areas have been Catholic since Christianity came to Scotland, but in others the Church has returned with the growth of modem industry. Many are simple stone buildings but set in scenery unsurpassed in beauty in the British Isles.

Wherever it may be, "Ceud mile failte!" a hundred thousand welcomes!


ACHMORE > Dornie

ALNESS (: Sat. 6.30pm in Kensall Community Hall, Unit 2/3 Kendal Crescent. [Tain .•.• 01862 892592]


ARDGOUR> Caol, Glenfinnan or Mingarry

ARISAIG (PH39 4NH): Sat. 6pm, Sun. 10.30am; HD 9.30am, 7pm .•.• 01687 450223

AULTBEA > Gairloch

AVIEMORE (PH22 lPT): Sat. 5.30pm; Sun. Ham, (4.15pm in Episcopal Church, Grantown-on-Spey) .•.• 01479 810229



BEAULY (IV4 7AU): Sun. 1 lam .•.• 01463782232



BRORA (KW9 6PU): Sat. 6pm, Sun. Ham; HD lOam, 6pm. '1l' 01408 621388 or 01862810900

CANNICH (lV47LT): Sat. 6.30pm. [St. Mary's, Inverness '1l' 01463 233519]

CAOL (PH33 7PR): Sat. 7pm, Sun. 10.30am; HD previous evening 7pm; lOam '1l' 01397 700622

CROMARTY (lVll 8XA) in St. Regulus' Episcopal Church: Communion Service Sat. 7.30pm. Deacon: '1l' 01381 600281. Mass> Fortrose

CULLODEN  Sun. 9.30am; HD 6pm. [St. Mary's, Inverness 233519

DALAVICH> Taynuilt

DINGWALL (IV15 9HU): Sat. 7pm, Sun. lOam. '1l' 01349 863143

DORNIE (lV40 8EL): Sun. 12.30pm; HD 6pm. [Portree'1l' 01478 613227]

DORNOCH (lV25 3PF) in St. Finnbarr's Episcopal Church, Schoolhill: Sun. 4pm; HD 12 noon. [Brora'1l' 01408 621388]

DRIMNIN > Mingarry



FORT AUGUSTUS (PH32 4DB): Alternate Sundays 12.30pm. (St. Ninian 's, Inverness '1l' 01463 232136)

    FORT GEORGE and ARDERSIER > Inverness

    FORTROSE (IV10 8TB): Sat. 6pm. [Beauly '1l' 01463 782232)

    FORT WILLIAM (PH336BT):  Please contact the Priest  01397 702174

    GAIRLOCH (IV21 2BP) in Community Centre: Sun. 2.30pm. [Dingwall '1l' 01349 863143] GARVE > Dingwall

    GLENCOE (PH49 4JO): Sun. llam; HD 7pm. '1l' 01855811203

    GLEN FINNAN (PH37 4LT): Sun. Ipm; HO 7pm. '1l' 01397 722251 GLENUlG: Sun. 9.30am; HO 9.30am. [Mingarry'1l' 01967 431251] GOLSPIE> Brora

    GRANTOWN-ON-SPEY (PH26 3QH) in Episcopal Church: Sun. 4.1 5pm. [Aviemore'1l' 01479 810229]

    HELMSDALE > Brora

    INVERAILORT CASTLE: Sun.12.30pm. [Arisaig'1l' 01687 450223]

    INVERGARRY(l'H35 4HW): Sun. 9.15am; HO previous evening 7.30pm. [RoyBridge '1l' 01397 712238]

    INVERGORDON (lV18 OET): Sun. 1 J .30am; HD J2 noon. [Tain .•.• 01862 892592]

    INVERNESS, ST. MARY's, HUNTLY STREET, IV3 5PR: Sat. 6.30pm; Sun. llam, Ipm (Polish), 6.30pm; HD lOam, 7pm. '1l' 01463233519

    INVERNESS, ST. NINIAN's, CULDUTHEL ROAD, lV2 4AN: Sat. 5pm, Sun. 1Oam; HD 12.30pm, 7pm '1l' OJ463 232136 or 01463 236620 . www.saintni uk

    KILCHOAN > Mingarry

    KlNGUSSIE (PH21 IHF): Sat. 6.30pm, Sun. lOam; HO lOam, 7pm. '1l' 01540 661322

    KINLOCHLEVEN (PH50 4QH): Sun. 9.30am; HD lOam [Glencoe '1l' 01855 811203]

    KISHORN > Dornie

    KNOYOART: as announced (Summer only). [Morar'1l' 01687 462201]

    KYLE OF LOCHALSH > Dornie.

    LAIRG > Brora

    LOCHAILORT: see Inverailort Castle.

    LOCHALINE > Mingarry

    LOCHINVER (IV27 4LE) in Fisherman's Mission, Culag Park: 10.30am (July & August). Other months: once a month. [Brora '1l' 01408 621388]

    LOCHNEV1S > Morar

    MALLAIG: Sun. lOam; HD lOam. [Morar'll' 01687 462201] MARYDALE: See Cannich.

    MELVICH> Thurso

    MINGARRY (PH36 4JX): Sun. 1 lam; HD !lam. '1l' 01967 431251

    MORAR (PH40 4PB): Sun. 11.30am; HD 11.30am. '1l' 01687462201" joe _

    NAIRN (lV12 4RJ): Sat. 6pm, Sun. 11.30am; HD lOam, 7pm '1l' 01667 453323

    ONICH > Glencoe, KinlochJeven or Fort William PLOCKTON > Dornie

    POOLEWE > Gairloch

    PORTMAHOMACK> Tain Sat. = Saturday SUll.= Sunday HD = Holyday

    ROY BRIDGE (PH31 4AE): Sun. 11.30am; HO lOam. "" 01397 7]2238 SCOURlE> Brora

    SHlEL BRIDGE> Oornie

    SPEAN BRIDGE (PH34 4ES): Sat. 6.30pm; HO 7.30pm. [Roy Bridge above] STRATHERRICK: alternate Sundays 12.30pm. [St. Ninian's, Inverness 'a" 01463 232136]

    STROMEFERRY (SOUTH) > Oornie STRONTlAN > Mingarry

    TAIN (IVI9 INN): Sun. 9.45am; HO previous evening 7pm. "l\' 01862 892592 stjohnogilvie

    TARBERT on Lochnevis > Morar

    THURSO (KWI4 7NW): Sat. 6.30pm, Sun. 9am; HO 7.30pm "" 01847 893196

    TONGUE (IV27 4YP) in Talmine Village Hall (5 miles west of Tongue): last Sun. of the month 4pm. [:rhurso 'a" 01847 89319,6]

    ULLAPOOL (IV26 2UN): Sun. 2.30pm (Nov.-March); 5.30pm (April-Oct.). 'a' (Ullapool) 01854 612412. [Oingwall "" 01349 863143]

    WICK (KWI 5AG): Sun. 11am; HO 5.30pm. [Thurso"" 01847 893196]

    ARRAN, BRODICK: Sat. 7.30pm (IVfay to Sept.); Sun. 9.30am (July to Sept.), 1lam; HO previous evening 7pm, lOam. "l\' 01770 302030

    BARRA, CASTLEBAV: Sun. Ilam; HO 7pm. "" 01871 810267

    BARRA, CRAIGSTON: Sat. 7pm; HO lOam. [Castlebay"" 01871810267] BARRA, EOUGARRY Sat 6pm; HO lOam. (Services usually in Gaelic) [Northbay"" 01871 890228]

    BARRA, NORTHBAY: Sun. 11am; HO 7pm. (Services usually in Gaelic) "" 01871 890228

    BENBECULA: Sat. 7pm; Sun. 11am; HO lOam, 7.30pm. "" 01870 602221 BUTE, ROTHESAY: Sat. 6pm, Sun. 9am, 11am; HO 9am, lOam, 7pm. 'a' 01700 502047

    CANNA: as announced. [Morar'a' 01687462201] COLL: as announced. [Oban"l\' 01631562123]

    COLONSAY: as announced. [Lochgilphead'a' 01546602380]

    EIGG: as announced. [Arisaig"" 01687 450223]

    ERISKAY: 9.30am. 'a' 01878 700305

    HARRIS, GROSECLEIT in Christ Church Episcopal Church: 5pm. [Stornoway "" 01851 702070]

    IONA: 9.30am in St. Michael's Chapel (Summer) and House of Prayer (Winter), if visiting priest present: 'Il' Warden: 01681 700369. [Oban] ISLAY in St: Co1umba's Episcopal Church, Bridgend: 1St Sunday each month 4pm. [CampbeltoWn"" 01586 552160]

    JURA: as announced. [Lochgilphead"" 01546 602380]

    LEWIS, STORNOWAY (HSI 20S): Sat. .6pm, Sun. 11 am; HO previous evening 7.30pm, 12.30pm. "" 01851 702070 uk

    MUCK: Mass in school as announced. [Arisaig"" 01687 450223]

    MULL, TOBERMORY (PA75 6PH): 12 noon. [Oban "" 0163LS.62-1-23]

    NORTH UIST, Lochmaddy Community Hall: 1st Sun. of the month, Ipm [Benbecula'" 0 1870 602221]

    ORKNEY, KrRKWALL: llam; HO 7pm..'" 01856 872462 or 01856 771495 [Thurso]

    ORKNEY, LAMBIIOLM: Italian Chapel, 1st Sunday each month Apr.-Sept., 3.30pm. [Thurso]

    RAASAY: as announced. [POtĚtree'" 01478 613227] RHUM: as announced. [Morar'" 0 1 687 462201]

    SHETLAND, LERWICK: Sat. 5pm, Sun. 10.30am; HO previous evening 7pm, l.lOpm, 5.15pm "'01595692233


    SKYE, PORTREE (lV51 9HB): Sun. lOam, HO previous evening 7pm. 'B' 01478 613227

    SKYE, BROADFORD: Sat. 6pm; HO 7.30pm [Portree 'B' 01478 613227] SOUTH UIST, ARDKENNETH: Sun. 11.30am; HO 7pm. 'B' 01870 610243

    SOUTH UIST, Bornish: Sun. 9.30am; HO 7pm. [Ardkenneth'B' 01870 610243]

    SOUTH UIST, DALIBURGH: 11.30am (in Gaelic and English). 'B' 01878 700305

    SOUTH UIST, GARRYNAMONIE: Sat. 6.30pm (in Gaelic and English) [Da1iburgh'B' 01878 700305]

    SOUTH UIST, HOWBEG: Sat. 6pm. [Ardkenneth'B' 01870 610243] SOUTHUIST, WESTGERINISH; Sat. 7.30pm [Ardkenneth 'B' 01870 610243]

    TIREE:. as announced. [Oban'B' 0163l 562123]

    VATERSAY: as announced. [Castlebay, Barra 'B' 01871 810267]

    BRAEMAR (Banchory): Sat. 5.30pm; HO (prev. evening) 5.30pm. 'B' 01330 822835

    ELGIN (IV30 lQT): Sat. 7pm, Sun.ll.45am. 'B' 01343542280

    FORRES (IV36 IBU): lOam; HO previous evening 7pm. [Nairn 'B' 01667 453323]

    LOSSIEMOUTH (IV3l 6BA): Sun. 6.30pm; HO previous evening 6.30pm. [Elgin 'B' 01343 542280]

    PLUSCARDEN ABBEY (IV30 8UA): Sun. & HO 8am, lOam (Sung Latin). Vespers & Benediction: 5.30pm. Confessions at call and before Mass (ine!. French). 'B' 01343 890257.

    TOMINTOUL: 9.30am (every 3rd Sunday). ". 01807 580226 (or Elgin 01343 542280).

    ABERFELOY: Sun. lO.30am; HO 12.30pm. [Pitlochry'B' 01796472174] CALLANDER (FK17 8ED): Sat. (May to ('ept.) 5.30pm; Sun. 11.30am; HO 7.30pm. ". 01877 330702

    DUNKELD (PH8 OBJ): 9am. [Pitlochry 'B' of796 472174]

    PITLOCHRY (PHl6 5AL): Sat. 6pm (July and August only); Sun. 12 noon; HO 9.30am, 7pm. 'B' 01796 472174

    Glasgow G44 3TD Tel/Fax 0141 5853418. Email:

    ARROCHAR (G83 7AA): Sun. (Easter to Sept.) 8.30am, (October to Palm Sunday) 12.15pm; HO 7pm. [Rosneath'" 01436 831357]

    CAMPBELTOWN (PA28 6BQ): Sat. 6.30pm (March-Sept.), Sun. lOam; HO lOam, 7pm. 'B' 01586552160.

    DUNOON (PA23 8BU): Sat. 6pm, Sun. 9am, Ilam; HO 9.30am, 7.30pm "'01369702125.

    INVERARY (PA32 8YH) in Episcopal Church: 12.30pm. [Lochgi1phead]

    LOCHGILPHEAD (PA3l 8NE): Sat. 6pm (July & August only), Sun. lOam; HO 10.30am, 7.30pm. 'B' 01546 602380

    ROTHESAY: see Bute in "The Islands" section.

    OBAN, St. Columba's Cathedral (PA34 5AB): Sat. 7pm, Sun. 10.30am; HO' lOam, 7pm 'B' 01631562123

    TAYNUILT (PA35 lJQ): Sun. 11am; HO 7pm. ". 01866 822269wi 11 iam.

    'TIGHNABRUAICH> Ounoon, Rothesay

    BALLOCH (G83 8LQ): Sat. 6pm, Sun. 9.30am, 1l.30am; HO 9.30am, 7pm. "'01389753080

CARNOUSTIE (DD7 7PH): lOam; HO previous evening 7pm. [Arbroath 'B' 01241873013]

GLENEAGLES > AUCHTERARDER (PH3 lJW): Sat. 7pm, Sun. 9.30am; HD previous evening 6.30pm. "'01786822146

EAST LOTHIAN COURSES > NORTH :BERWICK (EH39 4PN): 9am; HO previous evening 7.30pm 'B' 01620 892195

PRESTWICK(KA91LU): lOam, 11.30am, 6pm; HO lOam, 7pm.'B' 01292 478068

ST. ANDREWS: Sat.5pm, Sun. !lam, 4pm; HO lOam 7.30pm.'" 01334 472856

TROON (KAla 6NJ): Sat. 6pm, Sun. 9am, Ilam; HO lOam, 7pm.'" 01292 313541

TURNBERRY > GIRVAN (KA26 9AJ): Sat. 7pm, Sun. llam; HO lOam, 7.30pm. 'B' 01465713331

ABERDEEN, ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL, HUNTLY STREET, ABlO ISH: Sat. 7pm, Sun. 6pm. HO previous evening 7pm; 7pm. 'B' 01224 640160

DUNDEE, ST. ANDREW'S CATHEDRAL, NETHERGATE, 001 4EA: Sun. 7pm; HO 7pm. 'B' 01382 225228 .

EDINBURGH, ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL, BROUGHTON STREET, EHl 3JO: Sat. 6pm, Sun. 7.30pm, (Polish 5.45pm). HO previous evening 6pm; 7.30pm. 'B' 0131-556 1798

GLASGOW, ST. ANDREW'S CATHEDRAL, CLYDE STREET, Gl 4ER: Sat. 6.30pm, Sun. 5pm. HO previous evening 5.15pm; 5.15pm "'0141-221 3096

INVERNESS: see under "The Highlands."

STIRLING, ST. MARY'S, UPPER BRIDGE STREET, FK8 IES: Sat. 6.15pm; HO 7.30pm. "'01786473749

Published by the Roman Catholic Bishops' Conference of Scotland, Secretariat for the Pastoral Care of Migrant Workers and Tourists. (Catholic National Endowment Trust is a charity registered in Scotland SC016650)