Individual Collected Work
@ Used with permission and thanks

The work here is in private ownership and has been kindly donated in the spirit of Peter Anson who was likely to gift his work to the people he met in his life and formed a bond with.  Peter also gave away a great deal of postcards with his work which I am trying to find.   The fact that his work is found in Ferryden, Inverness, Aberdeen, Buckie and Pluscarden is not surprising.  What may be surprising is that there is a great deal more of his work in Brittany, USA, Italy and Wales.  However I will not know this until I am contacted.

The quality of the photographs is not a major concern since I merely want to show the work and not leave it to be taken off the site and used.  I must however, comment that he has the quality of Lowry in his stock characters and the colour tone of the Colourists.  The subjects too preserve an old world I am sorry to write; when fishing was in its prime and when the churches were filled with people; that is the point of letting people see Peter's work in the spirit that it was done, a spirit of respect for a world he knew and realised was under threat of extinction.

I believe an exhibition of his work is long overdue.

@Mike Morrison